How Great is Our God....

I had the pleasure this past week to attend a revival for the community. It was sponsored by the local Methodist Church.  This one was very unique in the fact that here I was, a Baptist, setting in a Methodist church so I could here a choir sing from a Church of God. It was totally awesome.

My husband worked for years with the choir director and two of the choir members from the Church of God. I had heard them sing around the store many times, but for some reason just never was able to attend anywhere they were performing.

When I heard about the revival at a church just around the corner from my house, I just had to go. It was a unique ceremony as it was a little different from what I am used to. But it was still an awesome blessing.

The choir was so wonderful and spirit filled that you could barely sit in your seat when they sang. They did How Great is Our God for one of the the songs and I've Got a Testimony for another one.

Both songs were very uplifting and blessed. I was glad I decided to go. Seeing so many of God's children in one place, all different denominations, all worshipping ONE God made for an awesome night.

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Leslie said...

I love "church music".. I usually leave church humming all day. Have a great new week.