I love my new purse...

I love getting new "stuff". It makes me feel good and brings a smile to my face. I especially like it when I have ordered something I think I'll like and then when I get it, it turns out even better than I had hoped.

I have been wanting a Mini Retro Metro Bag from Thirty-One for over a year. I wasn't sure if the size would be what I wanted and couldn't find anybody that had one for me to see. I am really loving yellow this year so when I saw the new one with the yellow flower and saw they had a new Lemon Yellow thread for monogramming, I bit the bullet and ordered one.

I am thrilled with it. I love the soft material and the way the edges are frayed that gives it that old, loved, used feeling. The yellow is perfect and my signature B is just totally adorable. I am so thrilled I made the purchase. The front pocket is really deep and it's a perfect place to drop my cell phone.

Inside has a zipper pocket and 2 deep pockets where I keep my business card holder and my calculator.

And look how much room! I can just drop everything in and have plenty of room to look for it. I'm going to have to order the 15 pocket Wallet in brown to go with this purse. I just have the black one right now.

I am also very pleased with the Awesome Blossom matching mini zipper pouch that goes with it. The mini zipper is one of my favorite items from Thirty-One. I use them for make-up cases, wristlets (you can buy a strap to make them a wristlet), craft items, candy & gum for my church bag, and tons more stuff. So I love it when I can get one that matches my purse.

In addition to getting my new purse and zipper pouch, I got my new crocheted cloth from my sister. She color coordinates them for the room I will be using them in so I can always use the same one for the same cleaning purposes after they are washed. I wanted one for my bathroom with lavender and this is gorgeous. Ignore the fact that my philodendron is in a Mason jar. I am growing roots in water so I can replant it in a pretty flower pot.

Did you notice how I incorporated my love of tea for one sets into the bathroom. It was purple and green so it had to go in the purple and green bathroom. I thought I was pretty smart to use it for my Q-tips

But I was absolutely brilliant when I used the bottom half for the cotton balls.

Here is what I have done so far in the corner of the garden tub. I'm not totally thrilled with it yet. I need to get another white basket and I want a different doily, but it is getting there. I do love my flower though. I would like to find a large lavender vase or milk glass vase to put them in, but the metal will do for now.

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Rachel said...

I love the tea for one idea. So cute!