Monday Meanderings....

I love doing my Monday Meanderings because my little feeble mind tends to jump from topic to topic when it is just coming off a weekend.

Check out this cute Easter idea from my niece, Amy. Isn't it adorable. She is very crafty.

I have one of these little rolling carts in my craft room, but have always hated the clear front drawers. What an awesome idea to line them with scrapbook paper to give them a festive look. I need to head to the Scrapbook Superstore to get some perfect paper to match my craft room.

What do you think about this easy to make wreath for the door at Easter. With a package of eggs only costing about $1.00 and all the ribbon I keep at the house, this would be very inexpensive to make.

This is another easy craft. Notice the bunting across the middle. I told you it is cropping up everywhere.

I like the one in the middle with the bunny. Isn't that just precious.

How pretty is this? Talk about bringing springtime to a room. I love the pink flowers.

It's pictures like this that make me wish I had a mantle. I may have to buy a pretty shelf for the living room, just so I can decorate it for holidays.

What a great idea for buttons. I am thinking this could be a seasonal thing. You could make a mat of buttons for every holiday and just change it out of the frame. A candy cane for Christmas, a pumpkin for Halloween, a flag for the 4th of July, a heart for February, etc.

Another beautiful centerpiece for spring.

Have a great week!


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Rachel said...

Love all the ideas!