The Paragon

I featured some dresses yesterday that are just gorgeous. Several of you asked where I found them. I thought I would share the site with you. It is The Paragon.com . I found it when I was searching for an Easter dress, but it is a site that offers more than just dresses. Here are some of my favorite items from their site.

I fell in love with this tablescape. Isn't it just the picture of spring.

What girly-girl wouldn't love this bedroom. My hubby would have a heart attack if I did the pretty-in-pink theme to our bedroom, but I do love it.

I have a couple of sets of nesting dolls and nesting cows. I must have the nesting cats. Too cute.

What a unique jewelry organizer.

Oh my, how pretty. Could be a good addition to my lavender bathroom.

I have always loved the look of crystal but this takes it to new heights.

This would be a perfect Christmas gift for someone special. It has a matching pin.

Cutest Easter basket and eggs I have ever seen.

Since I am a bag fanatic, this caught my eye. Not fond of the pattern, but love the idea of the purpose.

Here chicky, chicky, chicky. How cute is this?

I am a key ring nut. I love finding unique and different ways to carry my keys.

I love this chest. Don't have a clue where I would put it, but I like it anyway.

These crystal flowers are so pretty. A touch of spring year round.

I bet this tee dress would be so cool and comfortable. They have it in sepia and blue as well.

This would be a pretty wreath for January when snow is all around.

I hope you saw something that caught your fancy. You can order a catalog by visiting their site at www.theparagon.com .


Creations By Cindy said...

Love the features today! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Camille Griffiths said...

Oh my gosh, I love all of the crystal things!! And the nesting cats are too cute.