Rachel's Ramblings - Blue & Pink

This is Rachel and I am here to take over Sis's blog again. I have become obsessed with Pink and Blue. I wanted to share some of my recent antique and thrift store finds with you.

Some of my finds came from an antique store in Kentucky and some from an estate sale.

My husband has even gotten into my collecting and will occasionally bring me a piece I'm looking for.

This was my favorite find of the day this past Saturday. My Pyrex coffee cup for .25 cents at Goodwill.

And I just had to have this Fiestaware cup. Look closely and you will see it has a Fiestaware pitcher and vase on it. How cute is that?

I love the way my Pyrex bowls go so good with my plates.

These pink plates and the bowls are so cute together.

Some of the above items I already had, so I incorporated my finds in with them. I also picked up some items that weren't pink and blue. I loved this old rolling pin.

And I found these old crocks and put some material and a bread cloth I had on hand to make this.

I love my crocks. 

This is a vintage 1950's picnic basket. It was in excellent condition.

Since I get to ramble when I invade the blog, I thought I would share my new table runner and decorations I put out for St. Patrick's Day.

Thanks Sis for letting me do a guest post. I just love stopping by to visit with you. 


Debbie said...

I can only imagine what would happen if I let one of my siblings invade my blog. It would not be pretty. lol
Thanks for posting your vintage finds. Lovely pieces you found!

Leslie said...

Hiya Rachel. I love love love those gorgeous dishes. what beautiful colors. great finds.

Rachel E. said...

I love all the thrift store antique store finds. The pink and blue is beautiful. Fun!

Rachel said...

Thanks guys! Have a blessed day!