Who'd a thought it?

Y'all already know I'm crazy about vintage glassware of any kind and that I could scour antique shops for hours on end. You know that I go nuts over Pinterest and can't seem to stay away from Etsy or Ebay vintage shops. You know I can thrift with the best of them. And anytime I find a Goodwill I gotta stop and see what they have in the glassware section. I live for yard sales and estate sales on Friday's during spring and summer.

In my many endeavors of seeing what my blog buddies are finding on their thrifting trips, someone had a gorgeous vintage Pyrex she found on...of all places...Craig's List. Apparently, she found an estate sale on Craig's List and headed out to it and found some awesome finds at very reasonable and unexpected prices.

So, I thought "Why not?" You guessed it. I had to go check out the Knoxville Craig's List. And lo' and behold some of the bargains I saw on there. Not just estate sales listed, but actual items for sale. Some are a little pricey for my budget, but when seeing what they go for at antique stores, they are good prices. There were a few pieces that I would love to have if I could negotiate the right price. Here were some of the things I found available in the Knoxville and surrounding areas that caught my fancy.

Depression glass pitcher and glasses.

I am starting to fall in love with the old white milk glass. I used to have tons of the vases, but didn't see any reason to keep them. But isn't this cream and sugar bowl adorable?

What a lovely turquoise milk glass bowl. Bet I know somebody who would love to get her hands on this....right, Sis.

How exquisite is this piece. Sheer beauty. I don't recall the asking price, but I'm sure it was a pretty penny. 

I like this but not really thrilled with the flowers on it. Would like it better if it was plain.


These are kinda Victorian looking. Thought they were cute.

This is so dainty and delicate looking. I just love it. 

Now I do like the flowers on this one. 

What a cute pink vase. I'm sure Sis will like this one.

This was a unique vase. I am wondering if that is the shade that originally came with it. The bottom looks a lot older than the shade. 

These caught my eye for one reason and one reason only. They are a rare set of Hazel Atlas cups and saucers. Now you may ask, Who is Hazel Atlas? I don't have a clue. I just saw some antique glasses on a blog and the lady said they were Hazel Atlas glasses. Guess I need to check this Hazel group out and see what they made.

Do you ever have those moments in life that you think "Man, if I was rich, I'd buy that in a heartbeat." Well, that is what I thought when I saw this next item. If money were no object, my car would be on the way to Oak Ridge to pick this up. I'm not sure what it is about it that attracted me other than it is milk glass, but I just fell head over hills in love with it. It is in mint condition with all the pieces. It is circa 1950 and has all the original pieces. It is made by Westmoreland Glass company and goes for $600 on most sites. She is selling it for $199. Which is so far beyond my price range. I don't care. I love it anyway. If I was rich....

When you get a chance, check out your local www.craigslist.org and see what great finds you can come up with. 


Leslie said...

Great items!!! I wish that I was rich to! I am lover of thrift shops... maybe a thrift shop'oholic.

Rachel said...

You know I need those turquois and pink vases! Love them!


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