Wish I could have been there....

Mom and Rachel went for an all day Goodwilling-thrifting-antiquing-shopping trip. They went north of their town to a little town called Milton, WV. After they were done there, they went back to Rachel's and her hubby took them to Ashland, KY to a big antique store down there. They found some awesome finds.

These were some of Mom's favorites. She was thrilled with this little doll from the Goodwill store for $2.00.

Mom also found some good deals on these two dresser scarves at the antique store.

Mom doesn't do computers so we keep her posted on things. We recently told her about Pinterest and Rachel told her about Amy's centerpiece. So Mom picked up some items at the $1 tree and this is what she created for her first Pinterest Challenge for just $3.00.

Rachel found some wonderful buys as well. She also made a new table runner and sent me some awesome photos. But she wants to stop by for a visit to talk about her obsession with pink and blue and to share some St. Patrick's love with us. Since she likes to visit and take over my blog once in a while, I have decided to assign her posts their own theme so we will be featuring Rachel's Ramblings whenever she gets the urge to stop by and visit with us. 


Rachel said...

Did't you just love Mom's dresser scarves?

Rachel Marie said...

Hi my name is Rachel and I'm your newest follower :) I absolutely love going to thrift stores and antique stores -- you find some really cute/cheap stuff that you can turn into something completely different -- I love it :) Please followback. I love new friends. the happily ever after project