The dreaded alarm....

It's one of those days when Hubby is not going to want the alarm to go off. When it rings and awakes him from a good nights sleep, he is going to be 60.
That's right. The big 6 - 0.
He has never been one who worried about birthdays. He has always said it's just another day. Until he realized he was going to be 60. He was hoping it would just slide on by. He would rather we didn't remember it. But guess what, it is HERE.

Hubby is a man who doesn't worry about a lot of things and age has always been the one thing that never bothered him. But I think 60 has not only arrived, I think it has slapped him in the face with reality.

We had a conversation a month or so ago. He said he didn't want any big hoop-la about his birthday. He wasn't going to bring up the fact he was 60. He said he preferred to pretend like it was just another day. He said there was no need to let people know he was going to be 60. A few hours later, the mail man ran and he received his renewal for his drivers license.

He told me to open it and I read it. It stated that since he was going to be 60 this year, he had the option of whether or not to put his photo on his license. I just lost it. So much for keeping it on the Q.T. that he was going to be 60. Guess if the DMV knows it, everbody knows it.

In honor of the great day, I moved out of my comfort zone of cakes and cookies and actually baked him an apple pie for his birthday. I was so proud of myself.

Well, actually it was rather easy since I used Pillsbury pie crust and canned pie filling. And I must confess that I had to call my daughter-in-law, Jamie,  for advice on how to make it even with it being store bought stuff. She makes hers from scatch so I could feel her cringe over the phone at the thought of store bought pre-made ingredients.

What can I say, I've never made apple pie before. It may not look like the greatest pie every made, but he snuck into it last night and has a piece with some ice cream. He said it was delicious. I just wish it looked better. Guess Jamie will have to give me lessons before his next birthday.

But no matter how bad he doesn't want to face 60 and no matter that the pie may not look the best, I do hope he has a very happy birthday today.
Happy birthday, sweetheart. I love you.


Creations By Cindy said...

Well tell DH Happy Birthday! And happy 60th! Bet the pie will be tasty! I don't pies too often either! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Linda said...

Oh...I can relate to your hubby's feelings about turning 60, so much. I remember the feeling I got every time I thought of it. I just felt like I was headed down the back side of the hill...and that I was getting soooo old! But now I am 61 and this year I will turn 62...and I have accepted it, and don't worry about it anymore! (:>)

I hope he will enjoy his day...and that you will continue to make him feel special!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday, Allen!! Enjoy your day! I love the pie dish! Where did you get that? That is my color you know!

Beth said...

Happy birthday to your husband. 60 sounds rather young to me. lol

When you make a pie always dot the filling with pieces of butter before you put the top crust on. Then brush the top of the crust with egg white and sprinkle with sugar. you can skip the egg white if you want. Your crust will be golden brown and shiny. I do this with all fruit pies I make and homemade is the best.