How can it be....

Where has this week gone? Can't believe it is Thursday already. I guess with all my rearranging and house cleaning, the week has gotten away from me.

I did find time to do a little pinning this week. I haven't been on Pinterest for almost 2 weeks so I was having withdrawal.

I haven't even had a chance to check for good yard sales this week.

Saturday should be an interesting day for me. I will be attending a meeting for Thirty One. We get to see a sneak preview of the new summer catalog that is being released in May. I was holding an online party for a mystery hostess and was going to announce the winner yesterday. Guess my idea was a little before it's time because we didn't have any contestants. That's okay though as I have two parties to turn in this week. I'm excited about that because I will be earning some free new products from the summer catalog. They are going to be releasing some new patterns and lots of other exciting news. I can't wait to see what they have planned.

My daughter and I have been planning a bridal shower for the end of this month. I am really excited about it. The bride-to-be is one of my daughters best friends and the mother of the bride-to-be is one of my best friends.

We have been plotting and planning for weeks. The bride knows the date and location of the shower and she has given us a guest list plus we are inviting the ladies at church since we all go to church together. But we have kept everything else a secret from the Bride and her Mom because we want this to be a special day.

We have already selected the colors to match her wedding, which she has seen the sample of the napkins to get the approval on color scheme. Her wedding is in black and a beautiful blue that is a cross between a robins egg and a turquoise. But she knows nothing else.

There are several "tricks up our sleeves" that I think she will be thrilled with. Our Bride is going to be pleasantly surprised with several of the things we have found.

I was going over my list today. We have the games planned out and I have a list of what to get for the prizes. We have also planned the menu and scouted out price comparisons. I am here to tell you that Sam's cannot be beat for pricing when it comes to the disposable dinnerware. They have some elegant choices and the prices are awesome.

We have the decorations except for a couple of last minute items that I am picking up tomorrow for the decor.

We have some neat "stuff" that I have found and I cannot wait to share it with you. But since the Bride and the Mom read my blog, you will have to wait for the pics of the shower to see all the neat goodies we have found. The shower is at the end of the month so we just have about two weeks to go. I can't wait.

We are still tossing around ideas for her gift. She is one of those people you just love to do stuff for and one that you know will be thrilled with whatever we decide on so the gift has to be something special since she is so special to us. I need to go to her registry lists to get some ideas, but we also have some ideas of our own so we will just have to see what we come up with.

Well, it's going to be a busy day today. Hope everyone has a great Thursday.


Tiffanie A said...

I ant wait to hear about the new patterns for Thirty One!!!!!

Creations By Cindy said...

Sounds like the shower is coming together. Can't wait to see pics. Hugs and blessings, Cindy