Knocked my socks off....

If you read my blog very often, you know I love office supplies and that a trip to Staples is like taking a kid to a candy store. Well, I went there this week and all the new stuff just blew me away.

First thing that caught my fancy was this display of (can you believe it) duct tape (or duck tape as some call it). Anyway, the new colors are fabulous and it is very apparent they are geared toward the female market. I want to put a big sign up that says, "Duct tape. It's not just for men anymore." Check out the cool colors and designs. You can even buy it by the sheet or the roll.

Then I walked to one of my favorite sections that has some cute file folders and binders. They have some new designs in that are just precious.

And have you checked out all the neat Post-It tabs that are available. It is mind boggling.

But what really knocked my socks off was when I went around the corner and there, in the middle aisle was an entire section where both sides of the shelves were dedicated to the entire new line of Martha Stewart Office Products. I had to hold my tummy because I got a little nauseous and was totally overwhelmed by what all is available.

First thing that caught my eye was top load file folders instead of the normal side load. Now, really, I couldn't imagine what these would be good for. They wouldn't fit in a standard file cabinet as a stand up file. But they could be good on a desk in an organizer/sorter maybe. But whatever you would use them for, I thought they were pretty unique.

The next thing that blew my mind was the sheer variety of notebooks and journals. The choices in style, size and color were unbelievable.

And the Build A Binder section is phenomenal. Buy your binder in your favorite size and color and then buy the "insides" for it based on what you are using it for. Kinda like Build-a-Bear for adults.

They had tons of folders and organizing file pockets. You could literally find something here to fit any need as far as folders and paper organizers go.

Something they have that I had never seen before that really impressed me was a section of boxes and trays. You apparently select the sizes, styles, and colors you want and build your own desktop tray system. Check it out.

Then there were tons of labels and tags so you could customize and organize every box, bottle, jar and container in your whole house. I didn't get a picture of that section because I was so impressed with one item in that section that everything else just faded away. I fell absolutely in love with this one item....Labels. But not just any label. But a blackboard label...with chalk. You simply peel them off and place them where you want them and you can change what it says on it with your very own Martha Stewart Chalk. How cool is this...

And the good part is that nothing is extremely expensive. I had an appointment and had just stopped in for a printer cartridge and had to hurry home so I didn't buy anything yesterday. But you can bet another trip to Staples will be in my near future.


Leslie said...

Hahaha...as soon as I saw the first picture I thought, oh no..shes at staples!!!! We know how you love those office supplies.

Lucky Wife/Bookaholic said...

Build a bear for grown up! LOL that is exactly it!