Lots going on...

As I sit here working on my blog, we are having torrential downpours, high winds, small hail and lots of lightning and thunder. The water is standing in the back yard and came down so hard and so fast that it washed away some of the yard and made a little ditch.

It's a great day to stay inside and get caught up on some things. I have to finish the centerpieces for the shower, get caught up on my emails, and move all the shower stuff out of the grandkid's room into my office so the girls can have their room tomorrow night.

I am going to have a yard sale either sometime over the next week or two. I hadn't planned on it, but it just kind of happened. Hubby never drinks coffee any more so he said I could sell his coffe pot the next time I had a yard sale. Then we were cleaning off a shelf and saw a couple of items we never used and next thing I know, we had the makings of a yard sale. Still have a lot of stuff to gather up, these are just a few things we had put back in case I ever had one. I haven't even went through storage or closets yet.

Plus I have some Thirty-One items I have replaced with newer patterns or are items that I just never used. I'm going to put some of those in the yard sale.

I have had a guest for the past couple of weeks from West Virginia. His name is Flat Stanley and many of you may know him. He travels around the world on behalf of his classmates and spends time with friends and family. We have had a great time and done a lot together, but he has to ride over to the post office this morning and head back to Cody, my great-nephew.

For our last day together yesterday, we stopped in my favorite antique store so Flat Stanley could see where I like to shop.

I wasn't looking for anything special, just wanted to show the place to Stanley. Well, I have decided that my little buddy is my good luck charm. We were just wandering around the aisles not looking at anything in particular, when I happened to glance down to a bottom shelf. And there is was.....

Yes, that is THE cup and saucer I have been wanting for months and months. The Fire King Bonnie Blue pattern that came in Mother's Oats. The coffee cup my daddy drank out of when I was a little girl. Imagine my excitement when I saw it. Imagine how I felt when I picked it up and found it to be in perfect condition AND that the price was $5.25. Snatched that baby up and have been smiling about it ever since. So excited to FINALLY have found it.

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Rachel said...

I love that cup and saucer! I hope Flat Stanley makes it back home safe and sound!!