Monday Morning Madness....

Nothing like a Monday morning after three days off to make you feel rough. I woke up with the onset of a cold. Sunrise service was beautiful yesterday morning. But sitting up on that hill in 40 degree weather when you have been used to it in the 70's just didn't agree with the old body. It was freezing cold but worth every minute of it.

I am changing my blog look since Easter is over. But with this head cold, I am so foggy on what I want. Bear with me if it changes several times this week until I find what I'm looking for. I need to take a design course so I can figure out how to do this myself instead of having to use the free templates offered online. It takes me forever to find what I want when I change it out.

I ended up getting a new top for Easter and wore it with my white pants and white sandles. It was shades of pink and peach. I got two new pairs of earrings this weekend as well. Just cheapy ones at Target, but I love them. They were $4.99 for two pairs.

Flat Stanley is visiting me. My great-nephew Cody sent him to stay. He arrived in Saturday's mail so he was able to go to sunrise service with me and got to play with the kids in Sunday School class. Not sure where all he will end up going this week.

Mom made me a new table runner for my coffee table. I love it. It goes so good with my pitcher and bowl. I had gotten this pitcher and bowl for my mother-in-law from Home Interior about 30 years ago. When she passed away, my father-in-law wanted me to have it. I love the way it looks on the new table runner.

My secret sister at church had me a goodie bag yesterday. It contained these beautiful flowers. The colors in them are some of the same colors in my spring tablecloth. I'm going to make a new flower arrangement and redo the table centerpiece now that Easter is over. I'll incorporate these flowers into it. Stay tuned tomorrow for new pics on the results.

Well, lots to get done today so I need to get busy. Hope everyone has a great week.

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Creations By Cindy said...

Love the new header! And the earrings....ohh...do like a lot! And yes, Mondays roll around real quick these days....Hugs and blessings, Clndy