One thing leads to another.....

Yesterday, I was showing you the beautiful flowers that my Secret Sister gave me for Easter.

This led to my decision to keep flowers as my centerpiece on the table. You remember my post about my Easter decor and this was what the table looked like?

Well, I took the flowers out and put everything else away until next year. I put those flowers with my new flowers to figure out which ones I wanted to use.

Since I wanted to use my new flowers, I needed something tall. I found the vintage McCoy pitcher that belonged to my Mamaw Eden. My cousin Patty and I had bought it for her around 40-45 years ago for Mother's Day one year. It normally sets on top of the cabinets.

So I arranged the flowers and put them in the center of the table with my basket of napkins and the basket with our salt and pepper shakers.

That led me to notice the little Easter tea for one that I had sat on my wine rack.

The color goes so good with my tablecloth, but I didn't want bunnies and eggs after Easter. So I simply turned it around and rearranged the shelf. Notice the teapot with flowers I moved to this shelf?

Well, it had been "visiting" my little 75 cent shelf over on the baker's rack.

When I moved it, I put my favorite rooster over with the cookbooks. I am experimenting with that little shelf so I am not for sure what will end up on it. But for now Mr. Rooster has come home to roost on it.

Why is it when we move one thing in our house, it leads to one more...and one more...and one more. You get the picture.


Creations By Cindy said...

The flowers are beautiful! Everything is adorable. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Leslie said...

Lol. You are right about the decorating chain reactions. One new thing and I am changing everything! Everything looks great.

MissyMcM said...

See why I don't read your blog when I am at home!!! I get inspired and move everything in the house!!!
Love ya,

Mamaw Bee said...

Well, Missy, you may not want to read tomorrow blog either. LOL. I am rearranging my entire office...making it two distinct areas for my different businesses. I am in the middle of a mess right now. Stay tuned.....