Some family time...

This is Rachel taking over for a day or two. Sis told me she has a horrible cold on top of a sinus infection and her head is in a tunnel so she's not thinking too clearly. Of course, I volunteered to take over her blog for a day or two. I thought I'd send her some family time today....

Dear Sis, I know you are feeling a little under the weather so I thought I would help you out and do your blog today. We had a great Easter at Mom's. I thought I would share some photos I took so you could see how much the great nieces and great nephews are growing. Hope you and your readers enjoy. Hope you feel better soon.

Tara and her family went with Angie and Andy for Easter, but Angie had some great pics on Facebook of the kids so I borrowed them for your blog.

And, of course, I wouldn't be a very good blogger if I didn't post a pic of the food and point out that I brought the green beans in my vintage Pyrex bowl.

Now I am happy with the results of my post. I covered three important aspects of blogging....family, food and vintage dishes. :)

Hope you feel better soon and thanks again for letting me run the show today.

Love, Rachel


Norma said...

Sorry you are under the weather, Brenda. Pray you are better soon. Welcome, Rachel, the blog is in good hands while your sis is down.

Tammy Doane said...

Hope you feel better soon. Rachel, you did a good job at blogging.:)


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