The love of a child...

This little poem touched my heart in so many ways. God blessed me with a beautiful set of twins many years ago. They have grown up to be responsible adults, loving spouses and most of all spectacular parents.

I couldn't be prouder or the adults they have grown up to be. No matter what age they are, no matter what they achieve in life, they will always be my little boy and my little girl.

I was the one they ran to when they needed a lap to sit on. I was the one who laughed at their silly antics and crazy stunts.

They were the ones who brought me love beyond measure, the ones who filled my heart with such joy and happiness that words could never express it in a million years.

They were the ones who tugged at my heart strings as I watched them take those first steps. They were the ones who brought tears to my eyes as they walked into that kindergarten room for the first time.

They were the ones who brought laughter to my life when everything else seemed so bleak.

They were the ones who made me smile, laugh, cry, rejoice, as I watched them grow into young adults and make that journey down the aisle bringing me a daughter-in-law and son-in-law to love.

They were the ones who have given me five of the most precious grandchildren God ever created. I see so many little pieces of my children in their children that it just brings even more joy to my heart.

Chris and Diana, no matter how old you get, no matter where the road in life will take you, deep in my heart in that special place where memories reside, I will always be your mommy and you will always be my babies.


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