What's been catching my eye....

I am on a scouting mission for old hats. I guess it is time to hit the antique stores to look for some. Wouldn't you love to have a tea party and have everybody wear vintage hats. How cool would that be.

Isn't this the most adorable flower pot you have ever seen. I love it. Talk about a wonderful mother's day gift. 

Isn't this necklace exquisite. I love hummingbirds and the black and white just makes it adorable.

I love Jason Aldean and my favorite song of his is Dirt Road. Having grown up on a dirt road, this brings back tons of memories. All roads lead to somewhere and this one leads right down memory lane.

When we were growing up, we had a beagle named Lady that we had for years and years. She was forever having pups and if I could have any dog in the world I wanted, it would be a little beagle like this one. Beagles just tug at my hear

The color of these glasses is absolutely gorgeous. I love these.

Saw this Barbie on Pinterest last night. I had never seen this one. Love it!

Now this is probably one of the most brilliant ideas for yarn and ribbon I have ever seen. Wonderful way to keep the balls of yarn from rolling away from you. I am going to have to do this.

Found an antique shop on Dutch Valley Road in Knoxville, TN that I am going to have to visit. This is just one small picture they had on the Internet. I could spend over an hour just in this one section. Check out the shelf with all the milk glass vases.

Hope everybody has an awesome weekend.


Creations By Cindy said...

I used to collect old hats but finally had to bite the bullet and get rid of some of them. That was years ago...now I wished I had them! Hugs and blessings, Cindy


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