And so we giggled....

...and giggled...and giggled some more.

(L-R: Me, Daddy, Rachel around 1958 or 59)

Do you have a sister? Do you remember growing up and sharing all those little girl secrets. Knowing things that nobody else new, sharing things that nobody else shared. My sister and are were like that and still are. When we are together, about 50% of our conversations start with "Do you remember the time...." and then we scream YES and burst into a fit of giggles and nobody else has a clue what we are talking about. Mom just shakes her head and laughs at us. 

(L-R: Me, Mommy, Rachel)

Just a little over 13 months apart in age, we were as close as twins. Rachel was the oldest. That closeness has never changed. We still share our secrets and have our little giggle fests. We can get so tickled at the littlest things and laugh for years over it. To this day, I can look at my sister and say Barbara Bush and we both will erupt in laughter. (It was one of those "you had to be there") stories and it cracks us up every time.

(L-R: Me, Rachel)

I used to drive her crazy growing up. She was "the neat one" while I was ....well, let's just say I was not." So glad that changed though.

(L-R: Rachel, Me)

We have always been close and have always shared so much. Love, laughter, tears, pain, happiness and of course...the giggles. 

(L-R: Daddy, Jack, Rachel, Me)

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Rachel said...

Barbara Bush. That is hilarious! I am sitting here eating my lunch and laughing. Everyone is wondering why I am laughing! Love the pictures! Putt putt golf at Hillbilly golf and talking about, now what was her name again? LOL!!!