Found some great bargains.....

The yard sales yesterday were everything I had hoped they would be. We ended up finding a few more that weren't advertised in the paper. All total, we went to either 7 or 8 sales total. Here are some of the lovely items I couldn't pass up.

This casserole dish will be a lovely addition to my bowl collection. It doesn't have a name on the bottom, so it is not a Pyrex. But I fell in love with it for just $2.00.

I love scarves. I use them on dressers, tables, stands, shelves, just about everywhere. I am always looking for things that are a little different. I picked up two of these for just .25 cents each.

I have become obsessed with pink lately. I have a couple of rooms in the house that different shades of pink go very well with everything else in the room. I found these gorgeous artificial flowers for just a quarter, so I had to get them.

I was beyond thrilled when I found a new milk glass vase that the flower fit perfectly in. Do you notice the pineapple cut and shape of the vase. What a great way to say welcome when you enter a room. I only had to pay .50 cents for this lovely.

And look at these unique pot holders. I actually did not have to buy these. My friend, Sherrie, is getting ready for a yard sale and found these in an old trunk of hers and she gave them to me in swap for a little rooster salt dip.

I found this basket at one of the sales. It has the look of a Nantucket basket and was just .25 cents so I snapped it up.

I'm going to use it for potholders, starting with the ones Sherrie gave me. These will just be for display. They are too pretty to use.

I found this little Christmas tray for .25 cents, but I didn't want it for Christmas. I am going to paint it lavender and use it in the lavender bath to set bath salts, candles, or something on.

I found this cute little celery dish for just a $1.00 at the estate sale.

At another estate sale, I found this clear dish for $1.00 as well.

Not a bad haul for just $5.75. Now comes the fun part. Where in the world to put some of these items.


Rachel said...

Looks like you had a great day! Maybe me and mom can do the same today. You got some neat things! I'll let you know how we do. Have a blessed day!

Beth said...

I hit some garage sales today. I love garage sales.

Your covered dish looks like it has the golden wheat pattern.