...reading this post could be dangerous to your relaxation time.

Yes, it's true. I am about to start on another room. Eventually I will get everything the way I want it. You patiently walked with me as I made all the crazy decisions on how to do the master bath.

You have listened to me whine and complain about my office because I couldn't decide what I wanted to do with it.

And I have changed and rearranged stuff in my kitchen until even I don't remember what it originally looked like.

I have been pretty happy with my living room from day one, other than moving a few little things around to make room for new stuff. And my guest bath has wallpaper with pink and blue flowers and I had blue bathroom decor so I stuck with that for now.

But I have never really paid much attention to my bedroom. I have some primitive Americana type items scattered throughout the office that don't really match my decor but I really like them and don't want to put them away.

It had never dawned on me until yesterday that the colors in my quilt in my bedroom are the same colors in most primitive Americana decor. So guess who is getting ready to start on redoing her bedroom decor...Moi!

Stay tuned.

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MissyMcM said...

Was that warning directed at me??
Can't wait to see how you "fit it up"!