Yard sales, plants and freebies..I love my life!

I am having my yard sale tomorrow. I have more stuff than I thought I did. The spare room is so full that you can't even walk in there. I'm selling scrapbook supplies, craft supplies, yarn, material, pattern books, a coffee maker, DVD, VCR, some of my Thirty One totes and purses, some regular purses, a full length winter coat I only wore about 10 times, kitchen items, baskets, knick knacks, a few collectibles and tons more.

Why do we accumulate so much stuff and then sell it off so we can take the money to go buy more stuff? We are a strange creature sometimes.

I am so excited because I won the new Spirit Collection from Thirty One as my April incentive. You just gotta love freebies. Didn't have to pay shipping or anything. Here is what I received yet from our home office for having a $1000's in sales the first two weeks of April.

I also won a Retro Metro bag in Navy, but it was in such high demand that it got back ordered. So they are sending me a gift certificate that can be used to purchase something else. I am in the process of deciding what I want.

My niece's Flutter Mirror Compact came in yesterday in another order I had placed. Isn't it adorable.

My friend Clara broke me off 4 leaves of her Philodendron plant. I stuck two leaves each in Mason jars with water and look at these roots!

This is the only plant that I can grow without killing it. Hubby sent me a planter our first Valentine's Day. It had a Philodendron that I transplanted and had for over 20 years until I just got tired of it and gave it away. I have missed having plants so I have decided to get some more. When I had my cat, I couldn't have anything except a phily plant because K.C. ate them. Now that she is gone (R.I.P.) I think I will try my hand at it again.

I didn't think to take before and after pics, but here are the pots I put them in. I used left over birthday paper to place on my tables when I paint or plant or do anything that will make a messy. It is easy clean up.

One is for the living room and one will go in my lavender bathroom. I am going to look for a couple of other plants that I used to have good luck with. I know I want a peace lily. You can almost ignore them, give them some water and they perk right back up so I should be able to handle one of those.

I have been looking for several weeks now for one that I know I can grow. It is Swedish Ivy. You can find English Ivy everywhere, but I can't find Swedish Ivy yet. I've tried Lowe's, Home Depot, Walmart and several of the local florists and green houses. Nobody carries it. Allen bought me one when we were dating and I had it for about five years. We moved and somehow missed getting it off the front porch. When we checked back on it, it was gone. The day he bought it for me was the day he asked me to set a wedding date. So it had sentimental value. I get all mushy when I see Swedish Ivy so that is why I want one so bad. Mine was about the size of this one, but a little longer. I would love to know if you have any ideas where else I can look.

As you can see, I have lots going on right now.....again! I need some down time and soon. But it doesn't look good for May. Right now, I have on my schedule (in addition to my job) a Young at Heart supper, my yard sale, a grandson's ball game, a grandson's birthday party, learning the movements to VBS song Zip, Zoom, Zing!, a Thirty One open house, a trip to McKay's with Sherrie and Bobbi, teaching our Sunday School class by myself next Sunday, helping set up a wedding reception, attending the wedding reception, my annual Memorial Day shopping trip to Tangers with Diana and Sherrie, and that is just what I can remember off the top of my head. I am in need of some beach time.

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Creations By Cindy said...

When you have your yard sale don't buy back your own stuff!!!! Ha! Hugs and blessings, Cindy