Add a dash of salt...

I love adding a little bath salts to my bath. It helps soak away sore muscles. The glycerin helps keep your skin smooth but the hot water does make it dry. The ones I buy come in either a bag or a box and I have been looking for something to keep them in.

I recently bought this little tea pot at a yard sale.

I buy things because I like the way they look. Then when I get home, I decide where to sit them. Even if I just buy it for looks, I love to try to find unique ideas to use my goodies for instead of what they are intended for. I don't drink tea, but I own enough tea pots to serve tea to half the town. I wanted to put this one in my master bath because it has lavender and green in it. Recently, I had bought some new bath salts and I spotted the tea pot. I decided to pour the remaining salts into the teapot to test it out. 

I just poured them into my bath water using the little pot.

Then I sit it back in the corner of my tub. It now serves a purpose and looks very pretty doing so. 


Mary said...

Great idea, that little teapot makes a great decanter for your bath salts. I do the same thing except I use an old pitcher. It's much prettier than bags and bpxes!

Creations By Cindy said...

Love this idea! Hugs and blessings, Cindy