Good Morning, Monday

Every single week, Monday shows up and gives me a case of the blahs. I know it's a new week and I should be thinking of all the wonderful things I can accomplish this week, but all I can thank about is "It's Monday." 

I did have a good weekend, even though I didn't do much shopping. I did a lot of "window shopping" at the Turkey Creek Public Market. Last year when they opened, there was a quilt booth and they sold adorable dishtowels. I kept meaning to go back and get some, but couldn't find her booth when I did. I found her Saturday and picked up a new dishtowel.

Look at the details. I thought these little geese were just adorable. 

I have been looking for a dishtowel to hang on the door of my toaster oven so that is where I put this one. 

I slept in some this morning and have been more productive in the past hour of my morning than I normally in during the first three hours of my morning. Maybe the key to getting things done is to get a good night sleep. Hmm, I'll have to keep that in mind. I've got some packages to send out today and I already have everything ready to head to the post office.  

Have a great week!


Becky Jane said...

Such beautiful details on the towel. They looks so cute on your toaster oven.

Rachel said...

Love the towel!

Leslie said...

Such a pretty towel.. reminds me of something that I used to have years ago when I was first married.