Just some stuff....

Last night, when I came home from my grandson's ball game, hubby and I sat on the porch and watched the sunset. Wasn't this a gorgeous view? 

Look at this cute little pig from Holt Howard. He holds kitchen string, scissors and a note pad. Adorable. 

I found some more butter pats online that I liked. The problem is I can't remember if I saw them on Etsy or E-bay. But they are my style.  

Isn't this just precious. 

I love this basket. Would love to find one just like it somewhere. 

I also like this one. 

This is a cute Holt Howard cream pitcher I am watching on E-bay. I have 18 days to decide if I want it or not. The price is good and it has free shipping. But I just don't know. 

On the other hand, I didn't hesitate to place a bit on the Holt Howard salt and pepper shakers I've been wanting. Everywhere I see these in antique stores around here, they range from $20 to $50. I found some on E-bay and I bid on them for the fun of it. I WON! My cost....$5.95! I am so excited. They shipped yesterday from NC. I should get them by Friday. I can't wait. I have been wanting a set of these since February. 

I would love to have a set of  vintage melmac dishes for everyday use. I saw this set on E-bay and fell in love with it. But I will just have to admire it from afar. The price wasn't all that great and I don't want an entire set. 

This set was gorgeous too, but I just want a couple of plates and a couple of bowls. I'll just keep scouring the thrift stores and yard sales. 

Look at this canister set. It looks in great shape. I fell head over hills in love with it. It is just $4.99 on E-bay. I have it on my watch list and only have 13 hours to decide if I want it or not. The only problem is shipping is $12.00 so I don't know if $16.99 is a good price for vintage canister sets or not. Decisions, decisions. 

I want a set of Swanky Swig glasses. I love the daisy pattern. This set of 6 is in mint condition and is $9.99 for the set with $8.00 shipping. So that makes them $3.00 a glass. At the local antique stores you can usually find individual glasses from $3.00 - $8.00 each, but never a matching set....so I'm torn. 

What I really want is a vintage golden wheat ice tea glass. But I can't find them for any cheaper than $8.00 per glass by the time you pay shipping. This entire set is $47.00...before shipping is even added. This is one of those items that I just want one little old glass for sentimental reasons. I'll keep looking. 

On another topic, I saw something yesterday that was a blessing from God. We passed a wreck on Chapman Hwy in Seymour, Tn. A truck had run off the road and over a ravine. The engine was smashed into the hillside and the tractor of the truck was rammed into the trailer. It was awful looking. And the driver?.....Climbed out of it himself with minor injuries. He was one blessed individual yesterday. 


Creations By Cindy said...

Love all the goodies today. Praising the Lord the person in that accident walked away! Only by God's Grace. Hugs and blessings,Cindy

Mary said...

A lot of great things, really like the baskets!!

Leslie said...

Oh my gosh..that person was lucky and blessed! I love all of those treasures too. Those teal color cups are so pretty!!!