Blogging Blues...

I am getting to the point where I get to every summer. Life gets hectic and crazy. I get so much going on and the heat gets to me and I start wondering why do I blog? I ask myself if I should take a break. I wonder if I am spending too much time on blogging when I have so much other stuff to do. Every year I think, Maybe I should just give up blogging. And every year the answer is always the same. If I give up blogging, it will rip my heart out. I love blogging and hearing from all my readers and new online friends. I love visiting other blogs and getting ideas for decorating, sharing recipes, or just good old "visiting". 

When I get overwhelmed, I start thinking about taking the famous "Blogging Break". Then the panic attacks set in and a million questions cross my mind.

What if I take a break and I lose some followers?
What if I take a break and readers forget to come back?
What if I take a break and I think of something I want to post...and nobody reads it because they think I'm on a break? Or what if I look like a moron because I made my big ON A BREAK declaration and then come back and blog anyway?

Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with how much time I spend blogging and researching and I feel so confused and disorganized. I think about just giving it up completely. Then I think about making apple butter in the fall and not being able to blog about it. I think of the holidays coming up in October, November and December and not having a place to share all the wonder of the seasons. I have thoughts for what I am going to blog about "on down the road" and then I forget about it until it is too late to do it. I am just overwhelmed right now and didn't have a clue what I needed to do. 

Until today....

I was reading one of my favorite blogs from Tiffanie at Life with the Little Man. She doesn't just have a day planner or a basic calendar. She has two things to keep her organized. A Life Planner and a Blog Binder. Everything just clicked. I schedule everything else in my life. I religiously use my planner for anything I am planning. Why not use it to schedule all the social media that takes up my time. I could schedule a time to do my blog, read blogs, go on Facebook, check out Pinterest and watch my Ebay list. Thanks Tiffanie. 

My first impulse was to run to Staples this morning. But then I thought about it and realized that school is starting back in our county in a month. In the next few days or weeks, school supplies will be hitting the shelves. That means new styles and designs on binders and notebooks. I am a whimsical person so a plain three ring binder just won't cut it. Now, I am excited!


I am going to work on that this week and get so organized (again) that it will amaze everyone. 


Becky Jane said...

Our local Wal-mart has all the school supplies out and real inexpensive. I know what you mean about taking a break. I had to take one while we were moving, and when I came back, all my friends were still there. Take a short break if you need to, I'll be here when you return!

Mamaw Bee said...

Thanks Becky Jane. I am going to try some rescheduling of my time and see how that goes. Of course, I may just need a one or two day break or I may just have a case of the Monday blahs. LOL.

Charlotte said...

I know exactly how you feel. I had such a great day Friday that I wrote 3 posts, because I knew this week would be crazy and I would not be able to write a post. It was cool to just hit publish for the past 2 posts.
A planner is a great idea.

tammy doane said...

I know exactly how you feel!! Glad I am not the only one feeling this way.
Planner great idea,