Fall Colors and the Image Rut

Do you sometimes feel like you get into a rut with the style of clothes you wear and the color you choose? Seriously, how many pairs of black dress pants do I need and there are more than just jean shorts for summer. 

My daughter is becoming a fashionista and putting together some adorable outfits. I have decided that this fall I am going to step outside the box. If I am not wearing "mom" jeans, then I am in black dress pants with a red or gray or maroon sweater. All my clothing is understated and subdued. I wear a watch, my rings, earrings, a simple necklace and sometimes one bracelet. 

Well, I am going to get out of my rut this year and venture into more of a "style".  It is going to be hard to be real stylish since my figure needs some work, but I will learn to work with what I've got. 

One thing I am loving is coral and turquoise together. I found some neat looks on Pinterest.

Granted, I can't do the high spike heels any more, but surely there are some smaller heels or flats in these colors. And the skinny jeans thing just ain't a gonna happen to this old gal. But at least they give me a starting point. 

This is cute for everyday casual. 

Again with the heels? I am here to say that ain't a gonna happen. Unless I want to fall and break my ankle. I can do wedge heels though. They don't seem to bother me unless they are stilted really high. I love this peasant style blouse. 

These clothes are too skinny for me, but I love the jewelry and purse. 

I am loving this one. The sweater is gorgeous. 

But this one is my absolute favorite. I love baby doll tops and the fact that they have paired it with sandals is right up my alley. 

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Beth said...

I know I am in a rut with my clothing. Shorts and t's and jeans and sweatshirts. I need a total makeover. LOL