A flipping and a flopping

This summer has been so hot that it has been tank tops and flip flops for me every day....I mean EVERY DAY. I haven't had on "real shoes" since April. I wear my dressier flip flops to church even. But last Friday, hubby and I were going to Sam's to shop and walking on all that concrete makes my feet tired so I wore my little white tennis shoes. Hubby was shocked. He had gotten so used to seeing me in flip flops. I am very easy on shoes so it is years, sometimes decades before I throw a pair of shoes away. Therefore, I have over 30 pair of flip flops. But I realized Friday, that I have only bought one or two new pairs this year. That is sooo not me! 

Well, being the great internet surfer that I am, I went a flipping and a flopping to find something new I might like.  I found quite a few flip flops plus some sandals that I thought I would like.

Who wouldn't love flip flops that say Coach. And they are pink, one of my new favorite colors. 

I love butterflies on anything. These are too cute. 

These Crocs look so comfy. I would love to have these. 

These are cute with the little owls on them. I know a lady who would go nuts over these. 

Thee are cute but I am not sure what the little bow says on it. They just look like a pair of everyday flip flops that could be worn with shorts and tank tops. 

Love this color. I have several outfits these would go good with. The bottoms talk about mythology....not sure what connection that has with the flip flops, but I liked the color. 

These are not my normal style of shoe. They are a little too bulky for what I like. Less is best with me and sandals, but these do look very comfortable. I may have to search for some to wear when I am going to be on my feet a lot.  

I don't play piano, but I do love music. These are just too cute for words. 

Love the glitzy look to these. I also adore the double straps. Too cute. 

A very cute sandal with an ankle strap. Looks really comfortable. 

These with the rattan bottoms are a gorgeous shade of pink. I love rattan flip flops. I have a pair that I have had for over 10 years. They are getting very ragged, but they have lead a hard life. They have been through muddy waters, the ocean, goose poop (long story) and sandy beaches. I need to get these pink ones for dressy wear.

These are really cute sandals. I like them real well. They look patent leather....which I love. 

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Leslie said...

I am a flip flop kinda girl too!!! Even in winter .. my flip flops become my slippers. : )
Happy monday