Happy BIrthday, Shelby Rayne

Today my youngest granddaughter will hit the big number 4. Why do they grow up so fast? I still think of her as a curly haired little baby.

I love on birthdays when I get to look back at pics of my grandchildren to find the ones for my blog. This was her first year at the beach on her family vacation. Check out the cool shades. 

Her and her famous Binky. Of all my grandchildren, she was the one who was most attached to "Bink". We didn't think she was ever going to give it up, but she finally did. With no fanfare or drama, just one day she bit a hole in it and Mom never replaced it. She was so proud she told everybody she saw "No more Bink!"

Tradition. I always had to wear those pink sponge curlers growing up and I always put them in her Mommy's hair. So I had to at least roll her hair one time in them. 

This child loves her sunglasses. She has several pair. 

Her "cheesy" smile. She has always been camera ready. The minute you point one at her you get a great big Cheese.

She can look so sweet and innocent, but trust me, sometimes she is rotten to the core. Her mommy calls this her "evil" look. You can just about bet she is getting ready to do something when she gets this look....it usually involves attacking her big brother. 

She is a daddy's girl. 

Her studious look. 

As I looked through the pictures of her growing up, I still find it hard to believe that she is four. 

Happy birthday, Shelby. We love you. 

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