Monday, Monday

This is going to be a strange week with only working four days and the day off being in the middle of the week. But it will be a good way to spend over the hump day...by not working.

I had a friend stop by Friday who brought me this little antique tea cup.

I had a miniature tea set with the same color scheme that I was using on top of a chest in my office. 

So I put the cup in there with it. I like the look. I want to find some more of these wood cats to set around the house. 

My first watermelon. He's just a little feller right now but we have five on the vine so far. Very excited about it. 

Hubby's first little cherry tomato is ready to pick. He was getting ready to pick it and I yelled WAIT! He said why and I said "So I can take a picture and blog about it." I think I drive everybody crazy when I'm looking for blog material. 

We have three baby robins in the nest in the apple tree. They are getting their little fuzzy feathers and are so cute. The Mom is very protective of them and we give her wide berth until they are ready to fly the coop. I didn't take a picture of them because it was too hard to get them for the leaves and I sure wasn't going to climb the tree! 

We got new neighbors last week. Mr. and Mrs. Santa Clause judging by their looks. Both have long white hair and the Mister has a full white beard. Every time we see them, they are dressed in red and white or green and white. We laughed and said Santa was moving in. Then a truck came the next day and unloaded 15 or 16 artificial Christmas trees and tons of other Christmas paraphernalia. We got a good laugh at that. But when they finally moved in and parked their car, it is a jeep (my hubby says for helping deliver toys in the snow.) On the back is one of those spare tires with a custom tire cover. It has their names on it and one of the names is.....are your ready for this...KRIS as in Kringle! Now, I am not sure what is going on, but I'm going to make sure I am a good girl from now on!

For those of you who are on Facebook and who love vintage kitchen items or vintage Pyrex, I have two groups you need to check out. I love these groups and the members are awesome. One is Vintage Kitchen Collection and the other one is Pyrex 4 Trade

Cover Photo

Our weather is breaking records for the daily high. At 4:45 yesterday evening it was still 105 degrees with the "feels like" at 107. It was miserable. Not a tree was stirring or a blade of grass moving. It was oppressive. I could never live in the dessert. I can't take this heat. It was wonderful to wake up to the sound of rain this morning. It is supposed to cool down to about 95 today. 

Scattered T-Storms


Leslie said...

Mr and Mrs Claus.. lol, the kids will go crazy!!! There is a man around here who looks like santa and drives a red Voltswagon with tags that say hohoho. I think that it's cool that he has taken the personna. I love your tea cup, what a sweet gift.
happy monday.

Creations By Cindy said...

Love the teacup too! So darling. Yep, having a day off in the middle of the week is a little different. But then I am only working 2 days this week! Yeah for me! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

tammy doane said...

Cute teacup. LOL -Mr. and Mrs.Claus! Have a Happy Fourth of July.

Camille Griffiths said...

Lol say hi to your new neighbors for me! Tell them I want a new camera hahah.

I hope the watermelon grows nice and big for you! I never had much luck growing them when I had a garden.

Patrice said...

You couldn't possibly live in the North Pole with those temps, but it sounds like living next to Mr.and Mrs. Claus might make you think that.:)

Rachel said...

I love the tea cup and saucer. I will have to check out the two blogs. They sound very interesting. Wait until I tell the kids Santa moved in beside their Aunt B!