My little tray

I decided what to do with my little tray I got this weekend. 

I have this little table between my desk and file cabinet. I put this crocheted doily on the table. 

That is where I decided to set the tray. 

I added my water pitcher to the tray since the colors blended well together. 

 I didn't have any glasses that I like to go with it yet. Still scouting around for now. So in the mean time, I found a teacup that matches the color scheme and set it on there. I can pour my water in my tea cup. Since it is a thermos pitcher, I could even put hot chocolate in it and rink that from my cup. I think it turned out cute for now. May modify things later. 


Creations By Cindy said...

Too cute! Hugs and blessings,Cindy

Mary said...

Looks great!


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