My recent finds

I went to some yard sales this past weekend. There were a ton of them around the area. It was not a good day for Pyrex finds or vintage kitchen items. But I did find this vintage canister for .25 cents. Thought it would be good for a cookie jar.

I have been trying to decide about curtains for the grandchildren's room. I had some light green sheers hanging on the window but I was getting tired of them. I wanted something with lace since the rest of the house has lace. I found this pair for .50 cents Saturday. 

I found three Harlequin romances that look pretty interesting. I have been reading romance novels lately that are so long it takes forever to get a book finished. So I thought some light, shorter books may be good for a break.

I found this padded carrier at one sale and thought it would be good when I transport my tablet. But it ended up too big. It will work until I find something else. 

My daughter is doing some rearranging at her house and had a quilt rack that she just wasn't going to have room for any more. She asked me if I wanted it. She wanted me to have it if I could use it because my Daddy had made it. Daddy loved to work up in his shop building things. I wasn't about to turn down the quilt rack. I put it in the grandchildren's room. My plan is to find 5 cute fleece throws so they will each have their own when they come visit. 

A couple of friends at church surprised me yesterday by giving me these vases they found. I love them...(the friends and the vases). 

One of my friends is doing a display with some items in her kitchen with grapes. I had just decided the other day to get rid of a pitcher I have and she said she would take it. So I'll have to get it to her next week.

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Creations By Cindy said...

Great finds. Love the quilt rack though. I have one too in the grands room with two old, old, old.....quilts my great-grandmother made by hand! Hugs and blessings, Cindy