The message...

Do you "read" t-shirts? I do, I can't help myself. If somebody has on a shirt with a message, I'm going to read it. Somebody posted this t-shirt on Facebook the other day and I loved the message on it. It should always be about our Jesus, not about our religion. Religions vary. Beliefs are not always the same. Sometimes people don't like certain "rules" of their religion so they break away and create their own beliefs. But Jesus always remains the same. 

This one is so simple. "It's not much, but it's all I have." I thought this was touching. Do you give your all to the Lord? Or do you just give him what you want to when it is convenient. 

No need to explain this one. It says it all. I recently purchased a new cell phone. I couldn't carry my old number over so I got a new one. I have a habit of seeing if phone numbers spell anything so I can remember them easier. When I checked my new number, the last four numbers spell HOPE on the dial pad. Just one of those God things that made me smile. 

Talk about a message that tells you we don't need to worry. I really like this one. 

 I Got This (Womens) 

And the last one made me want to put this saying on everything! I absolutely love it. Kind of small print, but it says "It's all about the grace." 

 Its All About The Grace 


Leslie said...

great messages indeed!!! happy sunday

Linda said...

Yes, I always find myself reading t-shirts...and I love it when they have a good message!

You've hear it said that we should wear our faith on our sleeve?...Well I guess that could also say...wear our faith on our...t-shirts! (:>)

God is good...all the time!
What a good way to proclaim His goodness! T-shirts!!!!

Happy Sunday,