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I hope everybody had an enjoyable 4th. 

I was at a store on Tuesday that was offering Senior Discounts. I asked for my discount and the lady said "I hate to ask, but are you at least 50? You have to be at least 50 to get the discount." What a precious lady. I am 55 and she wasn't even sure I looked 50. Wow, that made me feel really good. Thank you Lady Clairol for covering the gray so well.

I am happy to announce that I now have 6 little watermelons on my vine and a lot of blooms so more should be coming soon. Our tomatoes are growing like you wouldn't believe. I planted pumpkin seeds a week ago today and as of last night, I had 16 pumpkin plants that have popped up in the past three days. They are the big pumpkins that are perfect for Jack-o-lanterns. The package said to expect 15-30# pumpkins and that the vines would grow 20-30' long. Guess I am going to lose the whole back yard to pumpkins! I am also guessing I will be supplying a lot of children with free pumpkins this year. I'll have to have my grandchildren all over to pick their own pumpkin from Mamaw's pumpkin patch if they really do grow. I would be thrilled if they would be as nice as the ones in this picture.

The July special for Thirty-One is for every $31 you spend, you get your choice of one of the following items for just $5.00.....Mini Zipper Pouch, Large Zipper Pouch, Littles Carry-All Caddy, Thermal Tote or Cinch-it-up Thermal tote. And the great part is that personalization is only $5.00 this month on any item.  You can visit my website to see all the patterns available as well as the complete catalog.

August special is going to be exciting as well. Spend $31 and purchase anything from our Spirit Collection for 1/2 price. They are carrying the $5.00 personalization over to August as well. I already know what I want to buy in August. I have had my eye on the Retro Metro Bag for quite some time. I just couldn't decide what pattern. Well, I wear a lot of black in the fall and winter so I am going to get the bag in the Spirit Black and have it personalized with my initials in white. I saw one on Pinterest the other day and I fell in love with it, especially with one of Thirty-One's Spirit Scarves tied on. The neat thing about it is that I can change the scarf with the seasons or just carry it with no scarf. I love it. 

I made a couple of flowers with my latest yo yo's. I glued the Wilton sucker sticks on the back and added a button on the front. Stuck them with a little daisy into one of my milk glass vases. It turned out pretty cute.

Hope everybody has a blessed day!

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