Bargains and Bliss

I have been having some good luck with bargains at yard sales lately. I went to seven yards sales Saturday (can we say exhausted!). By 1:00, I was over it. But on my way out Boyd's Creek, I passed nine more that I didn't even stop at and another four on Chapman Highway. I can't help but wonder what I missed at those, but I was too tired Saturday to care. 

I did find some decent bargains. I picked up another book for just .25. I love having a stash of books on hand so when I finish one, I can start right on another one. And buying them for .25 cents, reading them and taking them to the local book exchange and getting a credit for $1.00 is always a good deal. I have never heard of this author, but it looked liked it would be good. 

This cute little tray was too pretty to pass up for just .25 cents. I have no clue where it will go or what I will use it for, but I just fell in love with it. I am thinking in my bathroom that has the pink flower wall paper. We will see. 

It is rare to find more than a set of four placemats. Even rarer to find them in good shape. I found not just four or eight, but TWELVE of the same kind. I asked the man running the sale what he wanted and he said his wife left him in charge and he didn't really care as long as things sold. He asked if .75 cents was too much for all 12. Uh...SOLD! These can go in my linen reserve and be used for patriotic holidays with a red, white and blue centerpiece or at Christmas with Candy Canes or Valentine's day with hearts. 

Remember my little snowflake Pyrex casserole dish that didn't have a lid or a stand? I found the stand a few weeks ago and found what I thought was the right lid Saturday. But unfortunately it wasn't. I'll put it in my lid drawer because someday down the road I may find the perfect casserole dish that is missing a lid and this one might work. 

But the best bargain of the day? This little 15" TV for my home office. She had it marked $5.00 but since I go to church with her she insisted I just take it home with me for free. I argued, but she won. So my price was FREE. It has a perfectly clear picture and works great. I had this little stand that my Daddy made so I snatched it from another room for now. When we moved, we had the cable guy run me a cable to my office so I just need to get a cable box. And now I have another shelf to decorate. I'll have to scout around the house to see what to put on these shelves. 

But the find of the day, the one that sent me into a state of bliss was this Indiana Glass chip and dip bowl from the 1970's. Not one single scratch, chip, or mar. It is in perfect condition and had all three pieces. I have been looking for one of these for over a year. I am beyond thrilled. 

And how much did this lovely set me back? A mere $2.00. I would say that was an awesome deal. 

At church yesterday morning, I had a surprise from my secret sister. When I opened it, I found this little tea set. It will look gorgeous in my collection.

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Rachel said...

I have read Susan Issacs before and they are good. I love the chip and dip.