Bits and pieces...

We woke up to a nice thunderstorm and rain shower this morning. It was just 62 degrees when I got up. Right now it looks like it is clearing up some, but a couple of neighboring counties are under a flood advisory. And the weather map shows more heading this way. I hope it clears up because I have plans for today with three of my grandchildren. 

Our apple tree has produced a lot of apples this year, but before they get ripe enough to pick, the blue jays come have a picnic. It is nothing to see 5 or 6 at a time just setting in the tree and pecking at the apples. We have tried shooing them off but the minute we walk back in the house, they just fly back to the apples. I am open to suggestions. It's a little late to get them away from the tree this year since they have damaged so many of the apples. But if you have any advice for next year, I would love to hear it.

Look closely in my Bradford pear. Yes, that is a RED leaf. It just turned up red yesterday. I guess fall is not far around the corner. The evenings and nights have been cooler and the humidity hasn't been as bad on some days. So I think we can start thinking about fall and cooler weather. 

When I was walking through the yard last night taking these pictures, the grass felt cool and was actually getting that little bit of dampness you feel when summer starts coming to a close. I happened to notice my feet. Pay no attention to the age spots, the ankle wrinkles or the fact I need a new polish job. What I noticed was that those weeks I went to the ball games and set on the bleachers in the sun actually paid off with a little tan. I didn't even realize I had been tanning until I saw the flip flop stripes on my feet. Either I got some good sun or I wear too many flip flops. Just noticed my left foot and ankle look a little swollen. Hmm, I twisted it the other day going down the steps but it doesn't hurt so it may just be old age. 

Hope you have a happy Tuesday. 


Creations By Cindy said...

Ooh, wishing it was 62 degrees here! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Leslie said...

It is cool and wet in Baltimore this morning also. Looks like fall is making its way to you ~ soon we will be bundled up in warm sweaters by the bonfire. : )