Part of a memory

I remember the year the twins started kindergarten. It was the first year that we cooked Thanksgiving dinner at our new home. We always went to hubby's parents for Thanksgiving and my parents for a Christmas eve party. But this particular year, we had bought a 14 room, civil war era home and wanted to host the family Thanksgiving dinner that year. Hubby baked the turkey and made most of the meal. His mom came up and helped with some of the final work. I had worked really hard on cleaning the house from top to bottom and had created a beautiful tablescape. I was so proud that year. 

But one thing I remember with great fondness is that we started a tradition that year that lasted for years and years. We used a set of Pyrex Cinderella bowls as the serving bowls. From then on, every family gathering, the Pyrex bowls would come out and we would set them on the table. But as years went on, for some reason we got rid of them. Now that I am a big Pyrex collector, I wish I had hung onto them. 

Now that I collect Pyrex, I love all the various and varied patterns that are out there. I would love to have a set of Cinderella bowls again. But I just couldn't decide what pattern to look for. Because I have such fond memories connected with the set I had, I think I will start collecting pieces in that set. It is called Colonial Mist. Here are some items that I have seen online that I would like to find.

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