Taking the morning off

Wow, yesterday was unbelievably busy. I had some new prospects to talk to and ended up being on the phones until 6:00 at which time I stopped to get ready for church business meeting. I left after the business meeting because a prospect from California wanted me to call him before he left his office. So I was on the phone with him until 8:45. 

I checked emails and had questions from two of the people I talked with earlier in the day. While I was answering the second one, the first one emailed back from my response. It went back and forth until 9:20. 

Then I had to take a shower and finally fixed myself something to eat at 10:00. I ended up eating American cheese on saltine crackers and had a powdered donut for dessert. Wow, I am such an accomplished chef.

Had a bite of breakfast while I was answering more mails. I have to run some Thirty-One catalogs to a lady this morning then hubby and I are going to head out to Walmart and the store. We'll probably pop in at Double R Farms produce store. They just got some honey and molasses in along with a fresh batch of blackberries and peaches. 

Our schools start back in session today. I hope my grandchildren all have a great first day of school.

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