This could be SEW much fun....

I have mentioned before that I want a new sewing machine. Mine bit the dust a couple of years ago and I have never gotten around to replacing it. But I keep seeing fabric I love and things I would like to sew. I have been checking on machines. I am not a big seamstress and the items I make will just involve stitching straight or zig zag lines. Nothing fancy. No button holes or monogramming. I just want to sew simple stuff.

My last machine was a Brother and it was okay, but it had a lot of problems with gathering the material, looping the thread and lots of other things that I never had problems with when I used a Singer. So I am going back to a Singer. I just added this to my Pinterest Christmas Wish List.

Singer Simple 23-Stitch Sewing Machine 2263
Even though I had three years of Home Economics in junior high school and even though I made two dresses, one with sleeves and pockets and a zipper and even though I made a jump suit and a lined skirt and vest, that doesn't mean I know anything about sewing. That was many, many years ago and a lot stuck with me and a lot didn't. So I started reading the details to see if this was the right machine for me. I saw words like "stitching patterns" and "feed cover". There were phrases like "darning or free motion". Then I saw the one word that caught my eye that made me know this was the machine for me. That word was EASY. I'm sold.

It comes with your choice of hard carrying case or soft. I don't plan to ever take it anywhere, but just in case I needed to, I prefer the soft case. Plus it has a cool vintage look to it.

Universal Soft Sewing Machine Case

I need to start making plans for what I would sew if I get it. I know pillows are one thing I want to make. Lots and lots of pillows. Some for my couch, some for the kids room, some for the porch swing and some for the holidays.

There are so many beautiful patterns in today's material. And you can even buy quilted material so it looks like you really slaved over your pillow.

I would also like to try my hand at one of these. I have always loved them.

It would even be fun to decorate some pillow with yo yo's.

I'm getting ahead of myself here. I need to get the sewing machine first. Maybe Santa can surprise me this year.

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