WARNING! I have been reorganizing again

I don't know if I have ADD, if I am obsessive compulsive, if I'm hyperactive or if I just plain get bored with things staying the same. Whatever my problem is, I am redoing the kitchen as far as moving things from one shelf to another. My Pyrex is in two different places and one is hard to get to so I forget what I have and never get to enjoy looking at it. I just have a few pieces, but I still want them to be accessible. Here is what I have done.

The Baker's Rack (Before) While we have a lot of cabinet space, we don't have much drawer space. So we use the wooden antique cigar box for our silverware. But the Baker's Rack is at the end of the kitchen where it turns to the utility room and it was inconvenient. And I just didn't like the look of it sitting there. I do like having two of my Pyrex bowls on the top, but would like more of them here. 

So I moved things around and like it better. (After)

Now my main Pyrex pieces I use are sitting here where we can grab them. The extra wooden spoons in the crock look cute on the little "dresser". I keep recipes in the drawers. It is the ones that are hand written on notebook paper or printed from magazines. I need to eventually put them on recipe cards. 

The second shelf is my cookbooks and the two recipe card boxes I have. One is for desserts and one is for "real" food such as barbecue, chicken recipes, breads, etc. The basket is nothing but dessert cook books. If you look close, I'm sure you will see a Hershey's theme going on. 

The top has some of my other Pyrex. The bowl inside the yellow bowl is an old Homer Laughlin bowl that an antique dealer traded me for some items years ago. And in the middle is my new Early American Pyrex piece I got this weekend. And beside that is my Pyrex Bar Code promotional piece a friend gave me.

Now we move on to the other rack. Here are the middle shelf and bottom shelf. (Before)

Here is the middle shelf (after)

And the bottom shelf (after). It still needs some work, but it is the one shelf you barely see as it is in the back corner by the table.

Top shelf (before)

Top shelf (after). I love my blue stuff all being on one shelf. The lamp has got to go. I just need to find a replacement before I move it. I want something in a brown or copper wrought iron look. I still need a lid for the juice pitcher and for the casserole dish. Why I never find things with their lids is beyond me. 

Next came one of the kitchen counter that holds our snack bowls. You will see it used to have the recipe basket of dessert books and the yellow Pyrex bowl. 

I moved the silverware box over here and one of the little Pyrex bowls. I like it better.

I have moved and changed the tops of these cabinets so many times that it isn't funny. I just couldn't figure out what to put up there. (Before)

So, I went shopping the house and closets for baskets that weren't being used for anything. And this is the end result. Still not sure if I like it, but it is way better than the stuff I had stuck up there. (After)

The fridge and the little shelf over it.  (before)

The after isn't any better. This is the only place I could display the cake taker the because of the diameter of the tray. Still not sure if I want to keep it or sell it. Maybe I'll just wait and see if I find someone who is looking for one. The shelf is pathetic still. It could be arranged nicer if the cake taker wasn't in the way. I just sat some extra items on the shelf for now that I didn't know what to do with. I'll have to work on that later. I did all this after supper last night. By the time I got to this little shelf, I was exhausted and my mind didn't know what to put where. 

Hubby is off today and he has actually agreed to take me to some yard sales. We used to go to them all the time and he loved it. But he normally works on Thursday's and Friday's until recently. So we are going to hit a few sales today and tomorrow. 

On a final note....

In April 2011, I introduced you to one of my dear friends and faithful followers, Ms. Norma. She was celebrating her 8th anniversary of her Lung Transplant. Click the link to follow her story. She is now into her 9th year of a transplant that she was told might, at the best, give her an extra 5 years of life. God has performed miracle after miracle for Ms. Norma. She has had some complications earlier this year and is making regular trips to Vanderbilt for procedures and monitoring. This past trip resulted in the finding of a hole in her native lung. They are hoping it will close without having to do surgery. They can hope, but I will pray. A much better success rate with prayer than with hoping. Please say a prayer for Ms. Norma that God will pull her through this as He has so many times before. She is a strong Christian and her faith knows no bounds. 

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