Some things I want to do....

These are so adorable. I saw them at a store in Gatlinburg. It is nothing but an Altoid candy tin covered with paint or scrapbook paper and some ruffles. Inside is a little note pad and small pencil. Inside the cover is a little poem about praying. 

One of my favorite blogs is Two Junk Chix. You need to pop over and check out their post for Halloween Wands. I have got to make some of these. 

And I saw this sign at one of the stores in Gatlinburg, but can't remember which one. I am going to make my rendition of this and put it on display with my Halloween wands. How cute would that be. 

I may make some crafts this weekend. We'll see. Hope everybody has a good weekend. 


A trip to Gatlinburg

My father-in-law and sister-in-law came to visit for the past couple of days. We went over in Gatlinburg. Here are some pics of the fall decorations in town and some cute items I saw when we went in the the various shops in The Village. Enjoy!

I fell in love with Ms. Rake.

Some possible suitors for Ms. Rake??

These items were in some shops that we went in. I just love the turtle.

They had so many painted ponies that it was unbelievable.

This was one of my favorites. 

One store had so many nesting dolls that I was in 7th Heaven.

But if you will look at the prices you will understand why I just looked and didn't buy.

My sister-in-law has a gorgeous red kitchen with roosters in it. She went nuts over these.

We had a wonderful day together and I hate to see them go home this morning. 


Just some random stuff....

...Was sitting on the couch with my yarn the other night and without thinking rolled this little ball while I was on the phone. So I glued the end and stuck a stick in it and now I have a cute little pumpkin. Hmmm, I need to think about what I can do with it. 

Looky, looky, looky! I started crocheting! Do you know what I'm making? Well, don't worry, neither do I. I only know how to do a chain stitch for now. But my friend Anya said she would show me how to turnaround and go back the other direction to actually make something. 

Was watching TV the other night and decided I wanted some peanut butter candy. So I jumped up and made a batch. It is delicious. 2 cups sugar, 2/3 cup milk. Cook over medium heat to the soft ball stage. Add 1 heaping tablespoon of peanut butter and 1 tsp vanilla. Beat until it thickens and pour in a butter platter or pan and let cool. It hardens up some so it is not fudgy and doesn't need refrigerated. But it is delicious. 

We had a water leak a week or so ago and I have been taken showers until the maintenance guy could get here to fix it. I got to run water with my new faucet Tuesday night and I love it. The knobs are so much bigger than the old faucets and I love the look and feel of them. I can go back to my bubble baths. 

You know I am still on the great Hamilton Beach mixing bowl hunt. I want the large one and keep finding it for $12 - $15 but I didn't really want to pay that much. I just found this one on auction on E-bay for both of the bowls. Entire set is $19+ and that includes shipping. That is not a bad deal and I would have the matching set and it wold be less than $20 and I could quit hunting for it. I am on the fence about it. I have about 4 days to decide before the auction closes and to see if anybody else has bid. We will have to wait and see. 

...My father-in-law and sister-in-law are visiting so I am taking the day off to go to Gatlinburg today. We like to walk around the town and check out all the unique shops. Hopefully I'll find some cute things to report back on tomorrow.

We are going to take a drive up into the mountains to see if the leaves are changing yet. We will probably swing up into the Chimney's to check out.

Well, heading out for the day. Hope everybody has a great day. 


Wacky Wednesday

Sometimes I see things when I am out and about that are just a touch on the wacky side and bring a smile to my face.

This past week, Hubby and I stopped at the local Co-Op simply so we could check these out. He thought they were storage buildings of some kind and I thought they were children's playhouses. Nope. We were both wrong. They are chicken coops. Yes, that is right...Chicken Coops! When did chickens start living in such style. If I were a chicken and had a house like this, you would never hear anybody say I flew the coop. I told Hubby it almost makes me want to raise chickens just so I could have one of these cool little houses for them. He said knowing me, I would probably try to decorate it for them. 

When I was at Walmart, I found the cutest fleece blankets. They have some really wild and wacky patterns. I love the geometric designs, the peace signs, the animal prints. They are really cute and they are only $2.88 each. I have so many fleece blankets already, but I am debating going back and getting some of these just because of the variety of patterns. The grandkids would love them. 

But the wackiest thing I saw this past weekend had to be my four year old granddaughter, Shelby. I went shopping with my daughter and we were looking at Halloween costumes. We hear "Look at me. I'm a pop star." and when I looked over at her, this is what I saw. 

Yes, I am pretty sure that gets first place prize on Wacky Wednesday. 


Tuesday Cuties

My niece, Christy, sent me the cutest idea from Pinterest. I just had to share it with you. I think this is a fabulous idea. These are made from the smaller canning jars, but it also said you could use baby food jars. The original pinner did not give a link to directions, but they look simple to me. 

Last week, I was feeling a little under the weather. At church this morning, I had a gift from my Secret Sister. This had to be one of the cutest ideas for a get well gift I had ever seen. I love theme gifts where there are several items that go good together around the theme. I am going to remember this the next time someone I know is not feeling good.

I finally got the disk of pictures my daughter took at Alexis's birthday party. The older my grandchildren get, the harder it is to get pictures of them together. I'm just going to have to schedule a photo shoot to get them to lite somewhere long enough for a group shot. But here are some pics of them. 

Alexis, the birthday girl. Her Aunt Di had bought some accessories to go with the School Girl she picked out from me. She had asked for the back pack and you could tell by this face that she was thrilled to find it in the gift bag from Di.

Colby, Alexis's baby brother. Just fell in love with this serious little face. He was really getting into eating his cupcake. Love those big brown eyes. 

Garret, Alexis's big brother. My only teenage grandchild. He is at that age where he tries to avoid getting his picture taken so you just have to sneak up, snap....and RUN!

Shelby, my youngest granddaughter. She was getting ready to come down the slide and I had already snapped several pictures trying to get a good one and got a ton of fake smiles and funny faces where you can see her tonsils. This one seems to be saying "Seriously. Another picture. Just let me go down the slide." This look usually proceeds the "Okay, I've had it 'mad face'. " So I stopped and let her slide. 

Caleb, my middle grandson. He was having a blast playing ball with Colby. He is another one it is hard to get a picture of. What is it with boys when they get older they don't want to pose any more? He's just like his daddy. 

Hope you enjoyed my Tuesday Cuties. Have a great day!


Weekend Update

I finally found my Pyrex Halloween containers at Target. Other bloggers said they found theirs in the Halloween candy aisle. So I looked there and found them. I picked up the pumpkin one and the bat one. 

I put my Kraft caramels in the pumpkin one and my Midnight Milky Ways in the bat one. At my Target, the bat one was also available with an orange lid but I wanted the black on black since the other one was orange on orange.

Getting my new Pyrex made me want to use some of my vintage pieces so I decided to use this one to make some little mini brownies. 

They turned out really good. 

Mom had a set of the primary bowls when we were growing up. She always made cornbread using the little blue bowl so I decided to make Hubby some cornbread muffins since I was in a baking mood.

They looked so cute. This was also the first time I used one of my little butter pat plates. 

Friday I stopped at an antique store that has one little booth that is not antiques and has yard sale prices. I bought these two mugs for just .25 cents each. I am accumulating the coffee cups for my Christmas Open House for my Thirty-One business in November.

Our Goodwill store normally has some good prices on coffee cups so I stopped in there to see what they had. I got these three. One was .30 cents and the other two were .50 each. I have a total of 7 Christmas cups now. I want to end up with around 12 -15 for the party.  

The Goodwill store had this snowman tin for .75 cents. I snatched it up. I have an idea of what to do with it for Christmas. Watch for it on a future post. 

I found these little seasonal angels in Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall for just .50 cents. I am going to have to figure something to make that I can change out the angel each season. Maybe a wreath or something. 

But my favorite thrift find of the day was this. You know I love Christmas and if you have read my blog for awhile you know I collect Tea-for-One sets. Imagine my excitement when I found this one in perfect condition for just $5.00. Didn't even stop to think if I wanted it or not. That was a great deal.