A very special day for a very special girl

Today my oldest granddaughter, Alexis Caroline, turns 8 years old. It is so hard to believe that 8 years have come and gone.

Eight years of hugs, eight years of kisses and eight years of the sweetest love a grandchild can bring.

She is small for 8 years old, but she got off to a rocky start. Weighing less than 2 pounds and being about a foot long, she was born two months early, but was on oxygen for less than 24 hours.

No one knew that in just two short months, she would be coming home at a little over 4 pounds. Healthy, happy and tiny as could be. Papaw and his princess. 

Papaw and his Princess earlier this year with her little brother, Colby. 

Our Princess with her big brother Garret.

She is one big bundle of smiles and giggles. If you are ever feeling down, you can depend on Alexis to cheer you up. She holds my heart in her hands. That smile of hers is enough to make you melt. 

I remember one time when I was writing my blog, she was about 6 at the time. I was making a blog about The Rules at Grandma's house. She was at my house and I asked her and Garret for some rules to put on my blog. She summed it up by saying "I know the number 1 rule." When I asked her what it was, she simply turned on that smile, threw her hands up in the air and said "There are no rules!" Guess that about says it all. 

She is one of the smallest in her class as you can tell by the picture. She is in the black and white dress. 

But to be so tiny, she has such a big heart and it is so full of joy, happiness and love that you can't help but fall in love with her. 

She's Mamaw's darling and I hope she has a very happy birthday today. I get the honor of picking her up this afternoon for some Mamaw time. We will go eat at her place of choice and do some birthday shopping. She is celebrating everyday of the weekend, ending with her party on Sunday. I am sure she has all her plans made. 

Happy birthday, Alexis Caroline. Me and Papaw love you. 

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Linda said...

Happy birthday to Alexis...your darling little princess!