Weekend Update

I finally found my Pyrex Halloween containers at Target. Other bloggers said they found theirs in the Halloween candy aisle. So I looked there and found them. I picked up the pumpkin one and the bat one. 

I put my Kraft caramels in the pumpkin one and my Midnight Milky Ways in the bat one. At my Target, the bat one was also available with an orange lid but I wanted the black on black since the other one was orange on orange.

Getting my new Pyrex made me want to use some of my vintage pieces so I decided to use this one to make some little mini brownies. 

They turned out really good. 

Mom had a set of the primary bowls when we were growing up. She always made cornbread using the little blue bowl so I decided to make Hubby some cornbread muffins since I was in a baking mood.

They looked so cute. This was also the first time I used one of my little butter pat plates. 

Friday I stopped at an antique store that has one little booth that is not antiques and has yard sale prices. I bought these two mugs for just .25 cents each. I am accumulating the coffee cups for my Christmas Open House for my Thirty-One business in November.

Our Goodwill store normally has some good prices on coffee cups so I stopped in there to see what they had. I got these three. One was .30 cents and the other two were .50 each. I have a total of 7 Christmas cups now. I want to end up with around 12 -15 for the party.  

The Goodwill store had this snowman tin for .75 cents. I snatched it up. I have an idea of what to do with it for Christmas. Watch for it on a future post. 

I found these little seasonal angels in Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall for just .50 cents. I am going to have to figure something to make that I can change out the angel each season. Maybe a wreath or something. 

But my favorite thrift find of the day was this. You know I love Christmas and if you have read my blog for awhile you know I collect Tea-for-One sets. Imagine my excitement when I found this one in perfect condition for just $5.00. Didn't even stop to think if I wanted it or not. That was a great deal. 


Kim said...

That is the cutest tea set! I collect those Christmas mugs whenever I see them on sale. One of Mom's homecare workers uses them to make little gifts for his elderly clients. So thoughtful. So I usually give him a few.

Leslie said...

What great finds!!! I love the halloween dishes ( of course)
Have a great Tuesday.

Creations By Cindy said...

Love the tea set! But really wish I had a piece of that candy! LOL! Hugs and blessing, Cindy

Rachel said...

I am going to check my Target one more time for the Halloween Pyrex. I love the angels. Wish I had some of those brownies right now. Yum!