Weekend Wrap Up

I had a great weekend and got quite a bit accomplished. I cleaned house and set out some of my fall items. I still have some other items, but they are Halloween so will need to wait till next month. 

I decided to put my new candle on the coffee table. I found the little pumpkin on the right at a yard sale this summer for just .25 cents with an unopened bag of potpourri in it. It smells like pumpkin pie. 

A couple of little candy dishes on one of the end tables. I want to find a little orange votive candle to set between them. 

My scarecrow and pumpkin. I have had that pumpkin for almost as long as I have been married. Hubby bought it for me one year and it is one of my favorite fall decorations. When you turn it around, it has a jack-o-lantern face cut out and you set it over a votive candle to make his eyes glow. He works for fall and for Halloween. 

My scarecrow for the front door. I have had him for several years and it always makes fall feel more real when he gets hung up.

My Harvest Angel. She gets set out every fall. She is wooden and similar to a Jim Shore piece. I found her at the Maples Tree in Gatlinburg a few years ago. I picked up the little "rock" at the Dollar Tree yesterday. 

On Saturday, I hit some yard sales. There weren't many and there wasn't a lot of good finds, but I did pick up a couple of cute things. On Thursday, Ms. Patrice from Everyday Ruralty kindly showed us a collection of tin houses she had accumulated. Now, I had seen a few of these over the years and have always loved collecting tins so I thought it might be fun to see if I could build a collection of these tin houses. That was Thursday and on my first yard sale on Saturday, walked up to the first table and saw this. For just .50, I have a new item to collect. Ms. Patrice, I hope you will not mind me borrowing your idea to collect these. They will go nicely with my other tins.  

A couple of yard sales later, we stumbled on this little salt and pepper shaker set. Since I am trying to accumulate some items for a new tablescape for Thanksgiving, I just fell in love with these. Before I could decide for sure, my daughter snatched them up and bought them for me. She said "we" needed them for Thanksgiving. 

We stopped off at Walmart and I decided to see if they had any "different" candy. I'm so tired of the same old candy bars. I almost had a heart attack when I realized they had brought back my all time favorite candy...Brach's Malted Milk Balls. They have been gone from this area for over 5 or 6 years and I have mourned them every day of that time. I snatched up two bags ... just in case. 

Got some new nail polish that is a gorgeous color of brown. Perfect for fall. 

Yesterday, my daughter took me and her mother-in-law to McKay's Book Store. I was able to find the newest book in my Sweet Magnolia's series. I can't wait to start it tonight.

And I was looking for something that I hadn't read that came in a series. It is hard to find an entire series at a book store. But I stumbled on one that I thought looked good, whipped out my phone and checked the Internet for all the titles in the series and lo and behold, they had them all. I was thrilled. It is the Twilight, Texas series by Lori Wilde. I am excited to start this series since each book revolves around the women in a "club". They are either knitting, quilting, baking or gardening. I love reading books with underlying themes of hobbies I adore. 

Well, the weekend is over so time to get back to work. Hope you have a great week. One good thing about a four day weekend is that now I just have a four day work week to get through. 


Creations By Cindy said...

Oh dear! I want to start decorating for Fall but it is so stinking hot here I can't even think about it. Have been doing a little for my sweet motherinlove but can't force myself to drag out for me right now!
Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Beth said...

I love Sherryl Woods books. She is one of my favorite authors.

MERYL JAFFE, PhD - parent, psychologist, teacher, author... said...

I love the nail polish and decorations...hard to believe Thanksgiving and Halloween are just around the corner!!! Thank you for your comment about helping me promote my book. I will gladly contact you in a few days.

Have a great week!!

Rachel said...

Love the little salt and pepper shakers! Everything looks so pretty for fall. Don't forget to send the Lori Wilde books your sisters way when you are finished. Love you!