It's starting to feel like Halloween

October. The launch of Halloween month. Time to decorate. 

I was inspired by a wand sign in Gatlinburg and a Pinwheel on a blog. Saturday I went around the task of collecting some items to do a Halloween display. 

First thing I went looking for was a chalkboard. I found this one at Walmart for .97 cents. Purple is one of the new Halloween colors so I bought it. This would save me from having to paint or trim a wooden one. 

So I glued some orange buttons on it that I had at home and wrote on the chalk board.

I made a little star wand from some items I already had around the house. 

And here was the finished product.

While I was out Saturday, I stopped by the 50% off Scrapbook Store in Governor's Crossing and picked up some scrapbook paper and some embellishments. This was my first pinwheel so it isn't perfect, but at least I know I can do them and I learned a few things along the way by trial and error. This was made from one sheet of paper that cost .25 cents and one embellishment that cost me .20 cents. I glued it on a dowel rod I already had at home. 

The bottom two pinwheels are simply 2 embellishments glued on top of each other and a button added to it. I had the buttons and dowels so it was just 4 embellishments at .20 cents each. 

I had some raffia and ribbon and this cute little jar at home so I decided it would make a cute vase for fall. I stuck the pinwheels in it. 

Here was the finished product. 

I picked up this whimsical witch at The Dollar Tree for, of course, just a $1.00.

I had a little wooden Jack-o-lantern that I wanted to put in the display. Here is my finished Halloween display. Total cost was $3.53 and that included the tax. Not bad. 

Then I remembered I had bought some material to make a no-sew runner for the coffee table. It was simple. My niece Amy gave me the idea. Just cut your runner 2" bigger all the way around that what you want it to be. Fold it under and hem using Heat-n-Bond hem tape. I added a twist. After I was done, I went back and folded the corners under on the two ends so I could have a point on each end. I ironed them in place with the hem tape as well. Stuck my Jack-o-Lantern we've had forever in the center and surrounded it with my two new Pyrex candy bowls and wah-lah! I'm loving it. 

This got me in the mood to put out the rest of my Halloween decor. 

I had to bring out my favorite ghost cookie jar. One of my clients back in 2003 sent me a cookie jar for every occasion. This was the one she sent me for Halloween. 

Here is my little $1.00 scarecrow I've had for years and my little wicker pumpkin I bought at a yard sale this summer. 

I had so much fun decorating. I really enjoyed making the runner. I'm going to make a few more for Thanksgiving and Christmas for some various tables. I may have to work on those one evening this week.


Clairity said...

Brilliant, love them all. Hard to believe it all cost so little. You're really handy with your hands :)

Mamaw Bee said...

Thanks. I love crafting, but I have seen things on Pinterest I would love to try but not sure I could ever do.