Things that made me go WOW

I have a love/hate relationship with Craig's List. I love it because you can find some super cool bargains. I hate it because the closest city on my Craig's List is Knoxville area and that is a huge area. Everything I seem to find on yard sales with good "stuff" is too far away to go to.  But it is fun to window shop. Here are some things that caught my eye today. 

Some crocks.

This set of Home Interior pictures. I always wanted a set of these for my twins room when they were little, but never found them.  

What an awesome find. The entire set of the wheat dishes. Perfect for a fall table. 

And a matching wheat crock and wheat glasses. I finally found me one of the wheat glasses that I wanted so bad. Drank my Pepsi from it every day for about a month or two then cracked it in the dishwasher. I was so upset. So I'm looking for another one. 

I don't have a clue what this is and it is in rough shape, but wow would it be something fun to fix up and restore and to find something unique to use it for. 

An estate sale in a town too far for me to drive to, but look at the potential for good finds. I would grab up that little chair with the brocade fabric back and the little side table with the white knobs.  

This was advertised along with a note that said she had 'a storage building full of antique and vintage items.' I need to check this out. I see a lot of stoneware, milk glass and what looks like white mixing bowls. 

Bet there are some awesome recipes in here. 

I blogged about the gray Grecian leaf pattern of Pyrex restaurant dishes a few weeks ago. I had never seen them before and now everywhere I look, they have them in a multitude of colors. These turquoise ones are pretty.

I had never heard of the orange butterprint pattern until recently. They say it is rare. I see the blue a lot, but not the orange. A full set...of a rare pattern...I bet it is expensive.

This one just makes me sick. It is over 2 hours away and is an estate yard sale today. This was just one of the many tables they posted pictures of. They had tables of milk glass, depression glass, vintage Christmas and this table. If you look half way back, you will see Pyrex fridgies....tons and tons of Pyrex fridgies. I would go nuts to get to be there today. 

And here is a little laugh for the day. 

Have a great day.

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