It started with a .50 cent folder.....

Why, oh why, do I go to Staples?

First off, it started with me needing a printer cartridge for my printer. I have been fussing about this printer for a year or more because it takes 4 cartridges to run. Pink, blue, yellow and black. Normally, I buy them on line at a really low discounted price, but sometimes it runs out before I can get any and I have to go to Staples...which charges $18 per cartridge. But I had some printing that needed done for a deadline.

Well, they were out of the cartridge....which happens a lot. So I decided to look around the store. I found these adorable folders for just .50 each. So I got two of them. 

Then I saw two more patterns I liked so I got those. I like different patterns so it makes it easier to pull out the folder I need. So I got these two as well. 

Then, for a dollar they had this folder that actually has interior pages that make it a six pocket folder. It was really neat. I just hope the wild patterns don't blind my eyes. 

Then I came on home. That was all on Tuesday. They were supposed to get cartridges in Wednesday so I made another trip to town and they were still out. In the meantime, I decided to research printers. The one I had, if I don't order the cartridges on line, cost $18 per cartridge for the 3 color one and $25 for the black. I have been wanting a new printer for quite a while now because I hate having 4 cartridges to worry with. I wanted one that only has 2 cartridges (black and color). In my research, I found this one at Walmart. It is a Canon. I have had Canon's before and loved them. This one has a very good photo quality to it as well. So I made another trip to town and bought a new printer.

Then I decided to move some furniture around because I have been wanting this little file cabinet in my office (it had been in the living room by Hubby's desk but he doesn't use it any more.)

I was really getting excited to pull out the new printer. So I dusted the file cabinet and got the new printer out. 

I took off all the little protective papers and tapes. 

It installed easily and I did a test print and it was awesome. The quality of the color is unbelievable for such an inexpensive printer. Did I tell you it was only $29.00? What a great find!

So now, I am ready to re-organize and rearrange my office ... again. I am great at getting organized, but not so great at staying that way! I'll let you know when I finish the project. I might as well put my office  Christmas tree up while I'm getting organized. One of these days, I will get my office exactly like I want it and will quit subjecting you to these "I'm reorganizing my office" posts.

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