My new Bible Carrier

I recently told you about Thirty-One's new Timeless Beauty Bag and showed you a picture of mine. But I haven't been on any trips nor am I planning any right now and I really love the bag and can't wait to use it. 

Someone on Facebook said she uses hers for a bible carrier. I loved that idea and decided to try it out this past Sunday. In one pocket, I put my calendars and a notebook since I design the church website and attend most of the church events. I am also in process of helping plan the 2nd Annual Kodak Christmas Parade and helping plan the pre-K Sunday School class program It's a "Grand" Christmas for the grandparents. So I guess you can see why I need a notebook and calendars for church. 

And I always carry gum and mints for church. It's just a thing my mom always did and something I have always done. 

I put a few of my favorite pens in the make up brush slot....just in case somebody needs to borrow one or one runs out. 

My bible fit perfectly in the other zipper pocket. I have an older bible that is a little bigger than this one and it fit as well, but it is getting a little rough from wear so I usually only use it at home. 

This is what the inside looked like when I was done. 

So I folder one side in. 

Then the next side and pulled the elastic snap over to snap it closed. 

Wah-lah. I now have a new bible carrier. I loved it. It worked out great Sunday. This is a great gift idea. 

And the really great part is that on Sunday morning when I have crafts to take to class, I can just drop the Bible bag in my Organizing Utility Tote and head off to class with everything in one place.  


Pamela said...

It's perfect! that is what I would use it for, too!

tammy doane said...

I love this idea--I teach the three-and four year old program and always drop my Bible and pencils in the bottom of my tote. Then I have to rummage through all the 'stuff' to find them. Thanks for sharing.


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