The Dysfunctional Decorator

Someone has stolen my mind! I have been working on decorating for the holidays for the past three days. This is so not me! I normally pull out one box at a time and unpack each item and set it out on the kitchen table and coffee table. Then I pack all the stuff that  I am putting away for the holidays to get it out of the way. Then I start putting the Christmas stuff where I want it to go. So far, I've accomplished hanging the wreath in my office.

Putting the tree together so it can "fall out". Hubby will shape it later today. 

I moved the place mats to the kitchen table so I can redo the table today for Christmas.

I did put together my little Christmas platter that I made last year and put it on the stand where I want it to go. That can be checked off my list. 

I found Ted E. Bear's Christmas sweater so he can change clothes this morning and get in the Christmas spirit. He hasn't decided where he wants to set this year. Mr. & Mrs. Christmas are still packed away. He usually sits with them in a red wagon.

T.B. Santa and T-bear are in their sled setting on top of the TV watching all the mayhem and madness.

I hung my favorite wreath behind Hubby's favorite chair. 

I unpacked the houses for my little village. These are new this year and I'm not sure where I will sit them.

I guess I will just jump in this morning and finish up the tub from yesterday and see if I can get it all completed. 

I am going to have a busy, busy day today. I want to finish the decorating (except for the tree). Then hubby and I are going to go pick up some lights and bows and who know what else to do some decorating outside while he is off today. I have to make a dessert and go shopping for a gift for a party I'm going to tonight with my local Thirty-One sisters who have adopted me into the fold. I'm really excited about it. I know what I'm getting for the gift and it will be interesting to see who ends up with it in the Dirty Santa game. 

Have a happy Friday.



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