The Voice

I love music of any genre. I am constantly surfing stations on my radio and love to have CMT playing while I clean house. 

I am addicted to The Voice. I can't miss it. If I do, I watch it the next night with On Demand. This year, my three favorites have made it to the Playoffs. I really like Trevon Hunt and Nicholas David.

But Terry McDermott got my vote the minute he hit the stage and opened his mouth for the first note. I really liked his voice.

Then he really grabbed my attention when he did Carry on My Wayward Son for the Knockout Rounds. He aced it and became my favorite at that moment. 

But Monday night, he absolutely stole my heart with More than a Feeling. I mean he is seriously awesome. Unless something major changes, I am keeping him as my number 1 pick. Love his voice. 

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