When a sister comes to visit....

My sister and brother-in-law came to visit this weekend. We had an awesome time together (we always do). It is so great to have someone who thinks like you do and understands you like nobody else does. 

(L-R: Me and Rachel)

Rachel's birthday is in October and mine is in December (we are just a little over 13 months apart in age). So every year around this time, we try to get together for our birthdays and we always celebrate by having a little gift basket of items we have accumulated over the year to give each other. Here was the cute little basket I got this year. It is going on top of my kitchen cabinets with my other cute baskets. 

Here are the items that were in my basket. I adore stretchy bracelets. My basket had three new bracelets. I love them. They were made by a lady that lives across the street from Rachel. I wore the red one to church yesterday with my favorite red sweater and got a lot of comments on it. 

She also got me this cute little pill box with lavender flowers. This is going in the bathroom with my other little pill box. She made me this gorgeous dishtowel with the pumpkin on it. I'm going to hang it in the kitchen on the handle of the toaster oven. I loving having seasonal towels to hang there. 

She was in a pink theme on some of the items. We both love pink. I adore the candle and frame. I can't wait to polish my nails pink and wear my pink bracelet with it. She even got pink gum to keep with the theme. 

My kitchen is going to smell so good with the Paula Deen Vanilla Pound Cake candle. I'm going to burn it on Thanksgiving. 

She brought down some things Mom had accumulated for me this year. I love the milk glass vases to add to my collection. I didn't have either one of these. And this little pumpkin dish is so cute. I'm going to use it for some dip to go with crackers for an appetizer on Thanksgiving. 

And she brought me my birthday present from Mom. I was allowed to open it early since Mom knew I decorate for Christmas before my birthday. Don't you just love it? My mom made the stocking and the little mouse and then put some picks around it. I am so in love with this. I showed a picture to the ladies at church and they fell in love with it. One of my friends is going to try to make one herself. It is just too cute. 

All of that combined to make an awesome weekend. Then I went to church Sunday and my Secret Sister surprised me yet again with a little gift bag full of goodies. You know I love anything to do with tea. Check out the cute little tea books, a new cup for hot tea and some assorted teas. My hubby laid claim to the Blackberry Lipton the minute I took it out of the bag. We may have to fight over that flavor. But I would be willing to share with him. 

Then I stopped by my daughter's yesterday evening and she had been going through some drawers and found these cookie cutters and asked me if I wanted them. The Queen of Cookies? Do I want them? You better believe I did. She doesn't fool me though. She thinks if she gives me the cookie cutters she can ask me later to make her some cookies to take to work for Christmas. I know her game plan. 

As you can see it was a weekend chocked full of goodies. 


Patrice said...

There's nothing sweeter than friendship. The goodies are fun too!:)

Beth said...

I miss my WV sister so much. It has been over 2 years since I have seen her.

Rachel said...

Enjoy the tea stuff. I love blackberry hot tea. So good! Does any of the tea books have a scone recipe in it?


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