Change is good

Happy New Year! At the beginning of the New Year, I always like to change things and get more organized. It seems like I am always trying to get more organized. So it probably isn't going to happen, but I will continue to try. I did spend some time on my office so I can start the New Year off with a clean desk at least. I changed my curtains too. I took the pink and white flowered ones down and put up these green sheers. I like the look. 

I still have some boxes of craft stuff to go through and put in tubs or drawers in my little plastic chests. I'm going to work on that today. 

My craft table doubles as my Thirty-One work area. I just move the calendar pad and planner when I want to craft. Plus I have a card table that I get out if I need extra room. Most of my crafts are things I can do while setting on the couch, like my plastic canvas. But sometimes I need a table. 

These little baskets are going to get cleaned out today. They have assorted scrapbook papers, printing papers, etc. But they need to be organized since I was digging through them last week in a hurry and I left them a little jumbled. 

I rearranged the bookshelves that holds my knick knacks and pictures. I am going to use two of the shelves to hold my file trays so my desk is not always cluttered. 

I am really excited about the new turquoise rectangle basket by Thirty-One. I may have to get some more of those. 

Last October, our amenity for one of our meetings was the new spring Room for Two tote. I have decided to use mine to store my yarn. No matter where I store yarn, I have to dig through it to find what I want so I thought this would be a good way to store it. 

It set right in the floor of the craft closet so I can get to it real easily when I need yarn to start a new project. 

I am very happy with all I accomplished yesterday and I will probably spend most of the day today finishing organizing the files and papers and then cleaning the closet in the kids room. It had a lot shoved in it during Christmas and now it is a wreck. I hope everybody has a wonderful and prosperous New Year. 


Mary said...

Everything looks great! Wish my little office looked that neat!!

Melissa said...

Happy New Year! That's a great bag for yarn. Good luck organizing!

Rachel said...

Looks good! Love the yarn bag!

everythingsewing said...

Happy New Year! I think you did a great job of organizing, there is no way I would show my desk!!

Mamaw's Place said...

Mary, it probably won't stay this way for long. Thanks, Melissa. Rachel, you need one for material and yarn. It is awesome. I love the fact it has a metal frame so it stands up even when empty. Nonie, I'm glad you like my desk, but after getting back to work tomorrow, I'm sure it won't last long.